4WD Specialist Repairs

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  • February 7, 2019

The Bump Shop also specialises in all types of repairs to any make of 4WDrive vehicle.

These repairs can vary from major body & suspension damage, right through to the removal those annoying but inevitable “bush scratches” incurred during recreational 4WDriving.

Many 4WDrive vehicles are heavily accessorized, with the likes of bull bars, winches, led lighting, auxiliary power outlets, reversing cameras & major suspension modifications.

The Bump Shop takes all these in their stride when it comes to repairs because our highly trained staff are versed in all of these areas, so you the customer can rest easy in the knowledge that your vehicle’s expensive extras will all be handled with the utmost expertise.

Also a fact with the darker vehicle colours which are extremely popular these days, most will eventually end up suffering from “swirl marks” on the paint finish, these are normally caused by inadequate care during vehicle washing.

However, The Bump Shop has this problem covered as well, with professional systems to eliminate these and return the finish to a factory look.

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