Smash Repairs of Toyota Hiace

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The Bump Shop, does a very large percentage of commercial vehicles, so when a regular customer brought their near new 2018 Toyota Hiace in for an assessment of a damaged rear quarter panel, it was deemed that the quarter panel would have to be completely replaced.

Other panel shops may have opted to repair this panel, but The Bump Shop is more focused on quality repairs, and with a “Lifetime Warranty” on these repairs, the panel replacement was the only option.

A process that closely follows the standards achieved by the Manufactures was employed to replace the panel, and the results speak for themselves, with a quality repair, a very satisfied customer, and a vehicle that looks and works exactly as its makers intended.

Environmental Concept Vehicle Repairs

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Conservation of the environment and mindful use of resources, are themes that already run strongly through the whole business of The Bump Shop!

So when this all electric concept vehicle from Queensland Urban Utilities, affectionately called the “Poo Car” came in for some minor repairs,

we all felt that it nicely complimented our initiatives here like rainwater usage for cleaning, solar power generation and environmentally friendly painting systems!

Just some facts about what the “Poo Car” concept demonstrates:

  • Over 9,000kms of sewerage mains deliver waste from houses, schools and business to the treatment plants.
  • The sewage arrives at the plant for treatment.
  • The biogas produced from sewerage sludge drives an engine, called a cogeneration unit, which produces electricity.
  • The waste-generated electricity charges the “Poo Car”.
  • The benefits are helping the environment by using a cleaner and greener energy source, which reduces the environmental footprint with lower emissions.
  • 2016 Porsche Carrera Coupe Smash Repairs

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    We had a customer bring in his magnificent 2016 Porsche Carrera Coupe, which had suffered some minor damage to the rear bumper.

    As it’s regularly driven we promptly removed, repaired & repainted the bumper with minimal down time, and all to factory specifications.

    The car was returned to the owner once restored to its original immaculate condition, and he could not have been happier with the job, .or in fact with the Lifetime Warranty on repairs.

    Brisbane Paintless Dent Removal

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    There are many people who like to keep their vehicles in tip-top condition, but unfortunately, most also have to park in modern car parks, where spaces seem to be getting tighter, this can then lead to the enviable “shopping centre door dents”.

    With modern technology & appropriately trained staff, the highly successful removal of these types of dents and similar

    is now possible, without the additional costs & disturbance of painting panels, thus the process “Paintless Dent Removal”, or “PDR” for short, has become a recognised industry process.

    The Bump Shop has several permanent staff that are trained with this skill, so alongside our traditional repair methods, we can also

    offer our customers the service to eliminate these dents from the vehicles using the “PDR” method, with the benefits being cost effective repairs, and drastically shorter turn arounds, all with amazing results.

    Brisbane Smash Repair of a Mazda 6 Sedan

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    Recently this Customer brought his beautiful near new 2018 Mazda 6 Sedan to us after it was involved in a rear end collision.

    The Master Technicians at The Bump Shop, skillfully removed all of the damaged components resulting from the accident and refitted all brand new genuine Mazda replacement parts, then all affected areas were refinished by our Master Painters, with all processes meeting factory specifications.

    When the Customer returned to collect his car, to his delight, he could not detect anything different from the day he drove it off the showroom floor.

    Smash Repair on a 2015 Toyota Camry

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    Yesterday we were approached by a customer who was selling his 2015 Toyota Camry, so the idea was to make it more attractive to potential buyers by freshening it up, without going overboard in detailing costs !

    At the The Bump Shop we are always prepared to work with customers and accommodate their requirements, in this case the customer got a very pleasing result, and hopefully more money in his pocket when it sells!

    Red 1984 Mazda RX7 – Smash Repair

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    It was very upsetting for the owner to see his beautiful Red 1984 Mazda RX7, which was extensively damaged by another motorist!

    However, it came to the right place when he brought to The Bump Shop, here it would
    be professionally restored to its pre-accident state.

    On completion, the owner saw his beloved RX7 for first time since dropping it off, and was staggered by the excellent repair and attention to detail provided by The Bump Shop, he could not have been happier !!

    Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Colour Coding

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    The Bump Shop sees quite a few “Supercars”, and last week was no exception when this fabulous 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 payed us a visit!

    Even though the vehicle already looked magnificent, the owner wanted to personalise it by colour coding some body parts and the four wheels, to a very a stylish gloss black finish.

    Finally, we treated the entire body to a glazing & waxing process, that took the exterior finish from superb to flawless!

    When the owner came to collect it, you can only imagine his joy, and for him now to see his thoughts now made a reality!

    Ford Mustang Coupe Smash Repair

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    A respected Customer of The Bump Shop, unfortunately, misjudged a parking space, and the result was damage to the front bumper of his beloved 2016 Ford Mustang Coupe!

    So in just a few short days, all was restored to Ford Factory Specifications, and a very happy Customer was once again reunited with his favourite vehicle!

    Ford F100 Restoration

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    At The Bump Shop, we also specialise in unique client vehicle restoration projects, where no job is considered too big or too small.

    So when the owner of this fully restored 1952 Ford F100 Utility had an unfortunate traffic accident, we were the only panel repair shop he considered to have the expertise to return his pride & joy to its pre-accident state.

    He then also decided that while it was here, he may as well tidy some other areas of the vehicle that had suffered due to continued use on public roads, so naturally The Bump Shop’s highly skilled team were easily able to fulfill his wishes, returning him a vehicle that he would be happy to take to any car show!

    Mercedes S500 Smash Repair

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    The Bump Shop prides its self on being able to offer the highest level of quality repairs to all makes of Prestige Cars!

    As an example, this beautiful Mercedes S500 Saloon unfortunately suffered some very severe damage to the rear quarter of the vehicle.

    Then The Bump Shop’s highly skilled team of technicians worked to completely restore it to its original level of excellence, to the absolute pleasure of its owner!

    Land Rover Defender Rust Repair

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    At The Bump Shop, we are constantly asked by 4wd enthusiasts, about treating corrosion affected parts on their vehicles.

    As an example, the rear cross member on this Land Rover Defender was corroded and unsightly, but The Bump Shop can quickly & efficiently rejuvenate rusted metal, and refinish it to look like the day it was made!

    Silver Lexus – Panel and Paint

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    This Gentleman was the blameless party when his Lexus ES350 was involved in a recent accident, which severely damaged the driving side rear quarter panel & rear door.

    A professional repair meant the complete removal & replacement of both parts, a skillful operation handled easily & efficiently by the highly qualified Technicians at The Bump Shop!

    2015 Holden Colorado – Body Straightening

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    At The Bump Shop, we have a “state of the art” measuring bench called a Car-O-Liner, which allows us to straighten 4WD & large SUV vehicle bodies to factory specifications.

    For this 2015 Holden Colorado as an example, in the hands of a trained Technician, the tolerances that can be achieved are amazing and in some cases even better than new.

    With this component of the process completed, it then “paves the way” for an overall superb result for the finished repair.

    1999 Honda S2000 Roadster – Detailing

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    Last week we were visited by this gorgeous 1999 Honda S2000 Roadster.

    The customer was looking to have some paint imperfections buffed out, and a protective coat of wax applied, these processes are easily achieved by the highly skilled Detailing Technicians at The Bump Shop.

    When the customer returned he was overwhelmed by how much extra luster the car had after job, and he could not have been any happier!!


    Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on fixing my car - thanks also for ensuring that I was able to pick it up yesterday. I appreciate your help.