As with any modern progressive business, we are always looking for ways of aligning our services with current trends & customer requests.

In that theme the latest styling for vehicles is refinishing grilles, badges, panels, and other exterior chrome trims in black, this is being referred to as “chrome delete”, and we are offering customized packs tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

The pictures here are of current 200 series Toyota Land-cruisers & Toyota Camry, showing the amazing overall transformation this can make to a vehicle. The beauty of the process is that it can be applied to virtually any vehicle to achieve a similar look, and as always our skilled estimators are available to guide them all the way to achieve the results they are wanting, it’s really up to the customer to decide the extent of the transformation.

So if you have been wondering how others have achieved the look you’ve been wanting for your vehicle, look no further, just contact The Bump Shop and let us transform it.

Well it’s nostalgia week at The Bump Shop this time, with a visitation from these two classic restorations.

Both vehicles are independently owned and have been lovingly restored, but the owners still require the skill & experience of The Bump Shop Restorers to finesse their vehicles in the form of minor adjustments & paint correction, to keep them at car show restoration levels.

A full range of specialist auto body services like the ones required here are readily available at The Bump Shop, with all repairs done to Factory specifications, and carrying a lifetime warranty.

We recently received this stunning Red 2017 F Type Jaguar which had been severely damaged in road accident.

Of course The Bump Shop being an authorised Jaguar & Land Rover repairer, means that we are already fully equipped and accredited with all of the latest repair & welding methods, and specific tools required to restore a vehicle of this calibre.

Once a plan of repair is established, it’s over to the Technicians to carry out the procedures, and as you will see by the pictures this was achieved to absolute perfection.

The last stage is colour matching & repainting the newly repaired sections, and again the pictures of the finished product speak volumes about the skill level of The Bump Shop Painting staff.

While the owner was delighted that his magnificent vehicle was back to its former splendour, he can also rest easy in the knowledge that all facets of the repair meet or exceed factory standards, and carry The Bump Shop lifetime warranty.

Every now and then we are treated to seeing a true enthusiast car, and this Porsche 911 GT3 is by no means any exception.

It’s truly loved by its owner, and because he knows the consistent quality The Bump Shop produces, it was his first and only choice for repairs when it suffered accident damage.

Our Technicians expertly repaired the damage, returning the Customer’s pride & joy back to its former glory, and all with a lifetime warranty.

It’s never a dull day at The Bump Shop, because you can never tell what will drive the entrance next.

Today it was an Aviation Fire Truck, requiring some repairs, to which our skilled technicians quickly switched focus and rectified the problem, so the vehicle could quickly resume it’s very important duties. All part of an normal day at The Bump Shop, where no job is too big or too small, on any vehicle.

We are being asked more & more frequently about painting Wheels & Brake Calipers, as this change can dramatically enhance the overall look of a vehicle, it’s that edge car enthusiasts search for when wanting to make their special vehicle stand out at the next club meeting.

The difference with The Bump Shop, is that we have permanent Mechanical Staff, so we can take care of entire process, from disassembly of all wheels & brake components, to cleaning & painting, and most importantly professional reassembly & testing.

As for colour choice, the skies the limit, with obviously the traditional colours being the first choice, but ultimately the choice is the customers.

Well it’s Christmas again, but for many poor motorists it’s unfortunately also “Hail Season”, so If you have been caught in one of these storms, The Bump Shop could be your saviour.

We specialise in all modern techniques for repairing hail damage, with highly trained technicians that can expertly transform these heavily damaged cars back to original condition, while meeting or exceeding industry standards, and all within efficient time frames.

These methods range from Paint less Dent Removal, which is becoming ever more popular on small to medium damage, all the way up to removing & replacing severely damaged metal panels, that require industry standard fixing techniques like specialised welding processes, or self-piercing rivets.

So don’t be stressed by the question of who can return your “pride & joy” to its pre-storm condition, just come to The Bump Shop and let us work our magic, so you can be reunited with your car, and enjoy driving once again.

Over the last few weeks we have been working on significant panel and paint repairs to a gorgeous 2017 Ford Mustang, after sustaining some very serious damage to the driver’s side.

The process began with some major panel removal, realignment and welding, all handled expertly by The Bump Shop’s highly skilled Technicians, who ensured all facets were meticulously checked for accuracy & quality.

Then it was the turn of the expert team of The Bump Shop Painters, to prepare, colour match, and paint the car to better than factory standards, a complicated task none the less, but a task easily achieved by the calibre of Trades People employed here.

As you can see by the final results, we are very proud that the car looks absolutely amazing in its dazzling red mica finish! Remember no job is too big or small, at The Bump Shop we pride ourselves on the work we carry to every vehicle that comes in. This is the why we offer a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ on all work performed, against faulty workmanship and product breakdown. Call or visit us to find out more.

We were recently asked to repair this immaculately presented 2018 Honda Jazz, which unfortunately had suffered some significant damage to its lift gate & rear bumper cover.

At The Bump Shop we insist on genuine replacement panels for all vehicles, and this Honda was no exception!

Once the replacement parts were perfectly colour matched & painted to factory specifications, it was over to our expert fitters to remove the damaged originals, and replace them with the new.

The customer was absolutely thrilled with result, and for good reason, the car was now indistinguishable from its appearance prior the accident!

Whether it’s a Holden or Ford, Mercedes or BMW, a scratch or a ding; at The Bump Shop we are proud of the many services we offer and the results we produce for you, our customers. Come and see us or give us a call.

These days The Bump Shop is not only recognised for outstanding panel & restoration repairs to all makes & models, but it is also the “go to place” for car enthusiasts who want their prized possessions lovingly cleaned, polished & detailed.

We offer many services such as: interior care, including specialist leather treatments, under body cleaning, and of course the traditional cutting & polishing of exterior paintwork, all done with market leading products, applied by highly trained technicians, ensuring maximum results.

So just call, or call past The Bump Shop, and we can tailor a solution to your individual needs, that is guaranteed to impress.


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