Detailing & Cleaning

The Bump Shop provides a comprehensive detailing service which breathes new life into your car.

About This Service

Rather than having to send your car elsewhere to have it looking like new, The Bump Shop has its own vehicle detailing division. This is an optional service after repairs are completed, but what really sets this apart from a routine detail is the extent of work undertaken and the close attention your car is given by our team.

Our detailing services include:

  • Cut and polish plus wax of exterior paintwork
  • Removal of “swirl marks” on dark baked enamel finishes
  • Removal of all major and minor scratches
  • Ceramic paint treatment
  • Carpet and velour shampoo
  • Leather clean and rejuvenation
  • Underbody beach sand and red dust removal
  • Engine and front end degrease
  • Brush touch all stone chips and deep scratches

Accidents do happen. When they do, make one call to us and we’ll straighten everything out for you!

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