2018 Ford Mustang Panel and Paint

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  • March 8, 2019

At only 1 month old this gorgeous 2018 Ford Mustang was severely damaged in a rear-end collision caused by another driver.

For the extremely distraught owner, there was only one repairer he trusted to be able to return his “new baby” to its showroom condition, and that was The Bump Shop.

Once all of the brand new genuine Ford panels arrived from the USA, the big job began of removing all of the damaged parts, and skilfully fitting & welding in the new parts.

The painting was next on the agenda, with our Master Painters on the job using premium materials from PPG, the vehicle was refinished to better than original specifications.

Once the vehicle was fully reassembled, and all facets of the car adjusted & tested, it was then given a final thorough cleaning,

so it could be reunited with its ecstatic owner, who could then resume his lifelong ambition of owning & driving a new Ford Mustang.

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