As with any modern progressive business, we are always looking for ways of aligning our services with current trends & customer requests.

In that theme the latest styling for vehicles is refinishing grilles, badges, panels, and other exterior chrome trims in black, this is being referred to as “chrome delete”, and we are offering customized packs tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

The pictures here are of current 200 series Toyota Land-cruisers & Toyota Camry, showing the amazing overall transformation this can make to a vehicle. The beauty of the process is that it can be applied to virtually any vehicle to achieve a similar look, and as always our skilled estimators are available to guide them all the way to achieve the results they are wanting, it’s really up to the customer to decide the extent of the transformation.

So if you have been wondering how others have achieved the look you’ve been wanting for your vehicle, look no further, just contact The Bump Shop and let us transform it.