Well it’s Christmas again, but for many poor motorists it’s unfortunately also “Hail Season”, so If you have been caught in one of these storms, The Bump Shop could be your saviour.

We specialise in all modern techniques for repairing hail damage, with highly trained technicians that can expertly transform these heavily damaged cars back to original condition, while meeting or exceeding industry standards, and all within efficient time frames.

These methods range from Paint less Dent Removal, which is becoming ever more popular on small to medium damage, all the way up to removing & replacing severely damaged metal panels, that require industry standard fixing techniques like specialised welding processes, or self-piercing rivets.

So don’t be stressed by the question of who can return your “pride & joy” to its pre-storm condition, just come to The Bump Shop and let us work our magic, so you can be reunited with your car, and enjoy driving once again.